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This is all you and there’s no right or wrong here. Need some tips on what makes a good name? Your name can represent who you are, what you’d like to accomplish, what motivates you or what you’d like to see changed.
Step 2
Tell the world what you and your community are all about. This is a way to preview: Who is in your group? Why are you coming together to improve our country? Keep it short and sweet!
Step 3
Once your Giving Circle meets 75% of its fundraising goal, you’ll be given the option to choose the state your dollars will benefit from our list of targets! Future Now Fund will increase its spending in your selected state by the amount your Giving Circle raises. (If you do not meet 75% of your goal, your Giving Circle’s dollars will go to the state where they’re needed most, as assessed day-to-day by Future Now Fund.)
Step 4
Set an amount that feels almost doable — a number that you think you and your network can reach together, with some effort. Giving Circles have raised totals from $250 to $250,000.
Step 5
Find an image that fits the spirit of your Giving Circle, whether that’s an abstract photo or a group selfie. It will be formatted in black and white. Not ready? You can pick one later. For best results, use a 4x3 photo 1200-pixels wide or larger.
Step 6
We may need to get in touch with you, or use this information to reset your Giving Circle login.
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Step 8

Future Now Fund identifies the highest-impact state legislative chambers and Giving Circles may select which chamber they want to impact, within compliance guidelines. The amount a Giving Circle raises by October 1 will be allocated to Future Now Fund's budget for the selected state, which may include, but is not limited to, candidate contributions, coordinated or independent electoral spending, issue advocacy, research and analysis, spending and administrative oversight, and compliance.

Contributions made to Future Now Fund cannot be refunded if a Giving Circle dissolves or fails to meet its fundraising goal, nor for any other reason except at the discretion of Future Now Fund.

Future Now Fund may review, edit and/or delete Giving Circle pages and any elements of them. Any violations of our Website Terms of Use are not permissible and will result in immediate termination of the Giving Circle and any ongoing affiliation with Future Now Fund.
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