Downtown Nasty Women Social Group

Downtown Nasty Women Social Group

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About this Group

The Downtown Nasty Women Social Group is a grassroots community of activists working together to make positive change in people’s everyday lives. We believe that the strongest America is one that values the freedom, equality, and safety of each individual regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, or immigration status.

In 2018 we began the work of reshaping our democracy from the ground up. In our first two years, our community raised nearly $230,000. We were instrumental in helping to flip 6 Michigan House seats from red to blue. These newly elected lawmakers are fighting for better education, access to healthcare and safe drinking water. Because of our ongoing support they are set up to legislate these policies when they control the majority in 2020.

While we continue to work towards shifting the balance of power in Lansing, we are also poised to take on a 2nd state chamber: the Texas House! Like Michigan, Texas will be a multi-cycle endeavor, but there is a path to flipping the 9 seats needed to control the majority. We have momentum from the blue wave in 2018, and the demographics are on our side.

Texas is a worthy battle, and leading the charge is a roster of highly qualified female candidates. Changing the balance of power in TX will affect the lives of 30 million people for the better. Our goal for 2020 is to raise $200,000 and flip the Texas State House!

We are grateful to all that join the Downtown Nasty Women Giving Circle.

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Photo credit: Carin van der Donk