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About this Group

Our TurningTX.com team formed a Giving Circle called ‘A Seat at the Table.’ In order to achieve 'a seat' and participate in Redistricting, we must win a Democratic majority in the Texas State House this November. Redistricting, is based on the results of the 2020 Census, and happens only once every 10 years! It determines our representation in the U.S. Congress and in the Texas State House, and influences what legislation gets passed.

Democrats already flipped 12 seats from Republican to Democrat in 2018. We only need 9 more seats to win a majority. We have a clear path to victory, and talent on the ballot. We just need the funds to compete.

In Texas, our government has been hijacked by a right-wing extremist and intolerant Republican-led legislature. Many major corporations such as IBM, AT&T, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Texas Instruments were vehemently opposed to the discriminatory bills introduced in the 2018 legislative session. Some corporations even took out full-page ads in major newspapers, expressing their opposition.

We need a state government that puts everyday Texans first; Legislators who embrace common sense measures that affect our daily lives - like clean air and water, healthcare, public education, safe jobs, a fair wage, equality, civil, reproductive and LGBTQ rights, criminal justice and policing reforms.

We are so close to accomplishing this. Your contribution makes a significant difference, so we can focus on improving the lives of 30 million Texans.

A Heartfelt Thank You for Your Support!